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Lessons Learned from the Apple Pay Launch

Apple Pay, launched on Oct. 20, is a new payment system available to users of the iPhone 5s or higher. Here’s how it works: users upload their credit or debit card information into Apple’s Passbook application and when the phone’s wireless transceiver is close to a card reader or checkout counter, a “pay with touch ID” message appears and you verify that payment with your fingerprint. That’s it. No, really, that’s it. 

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The system works using short-range wireless signals, or “near field communication.” Right now a critical mass of retailers with NFC-enabled devices exists, making this launch all the more timely. By next year, merchants will have to upgrade to NFC-enabled payment systems in order to accept credit cards with computer chips. Which further explains why Apple is getting into the mobile wallet game now.

Apple Pay isn’t so much a lesson in innovation as it is a lesson in timeliness. Using the customers, systems and industry knowledge that they already possess, Apple was able to propose a solution that is both a natural extension of the average shopper’s behavior and that takes into account mandatory, inevitable changes happening outside of their industry.

If you run a customer-focused business, this is an important lesson to take into account. You should leverage the knowledge you have of your industry with your knowledge of your customer’s needs. In the balance of these two elements, you will be able to find relevant solutions for your customers and will be better positioned to provide unique systems and products for your customers to use.

I know what you’re thinking: how do I expect you to do that - not every business is Apple. In fact, not every business has web designers, developers and coders on staff to build the system of their dreams. But that’s where Mortimer Smythe can help. Not only are we committed to building secure, best-in-class systems: we can help you build the best web property for your business, from design to development to marketing. Developing a website or mobile application is more than just collecting graphics and content, it’s understanding your customer and understanding how to leverage the best technology. Apple did it. We can help you do it, too.

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