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5 Essential Elements of a Thriving Website

Claiming your space online is an important element of business discovery. A proper website should effectively inform online visitors of what you can offer and should help in converting visitors into customers. In the digital world, every element and page of your web property is a chance at a first impression. What does your website say about your business? Is interacting with your business online easy, intuitive and uncomplicated? Does it make your customers want to visit you IRL? Does it give you the tools needed to better understand your customers? Read on to find out how you can build a web property that doesn’t just exist online, it thrives.

  1. Real-time analytics: Measuring what happens on your web property can help you figure out what matters most to your visitors. Getting these results as they happen and recording the ebb and flow of this engagement, daily and over time, can you help you make strategic and effective plans.

    Engagement implies an interactive relationship: you are not just presenting information, you’re doing it with intelligence and that means without guesswork. Build a better analytical understanding of the impact of online initiatives and let it guide what you choose to invest time in building on your web property.

  2. Spam protections: Every element of your web property adds to the reading experience of your users. Depending on your industry, having a comment section or user forum on your website can be a great way to get a good handle on what information your customers need. On high functioning websites, these sections are filled with useful, legible information, protected from spam-bots, malicious links and malware.
  3. Newsletters/Email Sign up: After you’ve built a web property that is easy to interact with, free of spam and boasts frequent visitors, giving these visitors a way to opt-in and remain engaged is essential to further development. Let people engage with you by providing periodic newsletters, or by adding a component in which users can sign up for another periodic company update. Collect and store information on secure databases that allow for easy editing, updating and from which you can send messages. By simplifying where information is stored and how it disbursed, you can keep this process secure.
  4. E-commerce: If you’re selling anything, developing an e-commerce arm of your business can help you better manage inventory and payments, while also providing easier access to more complete reporting and another revenue stream for your business. Shopping online has never been easier and if you’ve got something to sell there’s no reason it shouldn’t be a part of your web property’s offerings.
  5. Get social: When you have your content, your newsletter, visitors and shop, it’s time to take it easy on yourself. Well…as easy as you can take it when you’re building something great. Incorporate social media buttons around your site and make it simple and quick for your users to share what you’ve made.

The Web offers endless possibilities for businesses and we can help you take advantage of them. Contact us today and let us help you build a web property worthy of your brand.

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