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On Tuesday, Home Depot began investigating a possible data breach involving customer debit and credit cards. This marks the sixth time in the past year that a major company’s systems have been compromised by hacking attacks. With more than one third of the American population affected by these security breaches, understanding how to minimize your risk where possible is crucial. Let's look at the top five ways you can increase your security online.

Internet Security is an ever present, evolving and critical topic.

Recently, Google has made a push towards making the Internet a safer place for its users. This has included providing resources to the public on the topic of preventing security breaches to your website, ensuring that people using Google or Gmail have secure connections, and highly recommending that all website owners switch from HTTP to HTTPS.

How do I know if my site is vulnerable? What resources are available to help get me started?

Does your web property require browser technologies, such as Adobe Flash, that are not supported on today's ever changing modern mobile devices? Google search results in the US will now indicate to searchers if pages are detected that may not work on your device. Here's what you need to know...

On May 31st, one month before writing this, a the Google Chrome development team wrote a short book called 20 Things I learned About Browsers and the Web. The book is written for the layperson with little or no background in web technologies though is an enjoyable read for everyone.

Those unfamiliar with the Joomla! Content Management System (CMS) may find the following guide helpful.  The guide covers some basic tasks like editing content in articles, creating new articles and managing user accounts.  More topics will be added in the near future. Lastly, it should be noted the this guide covers only the most basic configuration of the content management system, more advanced configurations may require alternate methods for site control.