San Francisco Web Design and Web Development Client Testimonials

Below is an assortment of client feedback we have received over the past year.  

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Car Dealership Inventory management System Client Feedback

I recently started a business around a year ago and while the concept was fresh and moving forward, I needed a simple, clean, and well-presented website that consumers could navigate to get information quickly and efficiently.  Days and hours were spent weeding through potential web developers until I came across Mortimer Smythe online.   After visiting their webpage I decided to call.  I spoke with Ethan and was instantly impressed.  He knew so much about web design, online marketing and search engine optimization.  Exactly what I needed!

After a few phone discussions, Ethan came to visit my business while it was under construction.   From that point forward, it has been a great business relationship.   When I need to add, change or remove something from my website, I call Ethan.  When vendors try to sell me online advertising, I call Ethan and run it by him.  He coached me on how to get my business webpage to display in top search hits without spending money.  Here I am a year later with thriving web presences! 

Ethan has been very helpful, courteous, and generous with his time.  You don't find this quality in too many business owners today.  I am very pleased with Ethan's work and grateful for his continued efforts in helping me obtain my business goals and ongoing success.

If you are in need of a web developer who will give it to you straight, provide a timely finished product, and continued support, contact Ethan at Mortimer Smythe.  He delivers...

-ion cars

Conversion Van Dealership Web Design Review

They've done many websites for me and done them awesome work when they said it would be done. I'm not sure if they allow any URL's in the ratings but an example of one of their works is Anyway, Ethan is top shelf and understands what your message is and will convey it.

Emmy Winning Film Company Website Design Testimonial

Ethan at Mortimer Smythe has done remarkable work for and with me over the past year or more.  I couldn't have asked for a better working collaboration. He has done and continues to do our the work together with great insight, respect, professionalism, kindness, and patience. Check out or to see some of our work together.

E-Commerce Web Design & Development Review

I am very pleased with my web design and the services that were provided by Mortimer Smythe Designs. I had a list of what my requirements were and was given both reliable advice and careful explanations about the technical abilities of my site. Ethan was always available to work with and prompt to return calls or emails. It is very easy for me to maintain and update the website when needed. Would I hire Mortimer Smythe Designs again? Definitely, yes.

Development and Best Practice SEO Review from FunBotLab

Mortimer Smythe  was on time and on target.  I actually used a designer and brand consultant to get my message honed before I heard of and used them, so when my sister recommended them, it was for a back-end joomla job at first.  They "got it" ....things up and running swiftly- they stayed true to the design and I was up and ready in under a month.

The guys I used in India were cheap but clueless about design- ask them to put in an extra button link and it's totally the wrong color... Mortimer Smythe is good for jobs where you need someone to just "get it" and provide the solution... I am super busy... (I almost never write reviews) I don't have time to explain over and over - M. S. Designs does it right the first time.  No one's perfect all the time - but they were perfect for me when I used them..

Web Development Testimonial for Custom Web App Development

I found Mortimer Smythe Designs after I had just as bad as an experience as you can with a web "guru" leaving me out on a limb with my project. 

After meeting Ethan at Mortimer Smythe Designs I felt confident I would receive honest and professional service. I have not been disappointed at all with the service provided.

From the initial meeting all the way through design changes, addition of additional features to the completion of my project; Ethan has taken great care and provided fantastic service. All the while being done as I travel across South East Asia, time-zones have never been an issue. 

If any hic-ups, questions or concerns arise the response time is extremely quick and issues are resolved asap!

All deadlines have been met on time and work has been done at a very agreeable price. 

I would recommend Mortimer Smythe Designs to anyone looking for professional service, great designs and exceptional followthrough.

Web Marketing Review for Safe Passage Sailing

I stumbled across MSD last December and was very impressed with the principal Ethan Jones' abililty to assess our business website needs and explain a conversion to a CMS. He also captured a theme and industry nuances in which he had no experience or much awareness; no easy task believe me. One of our clients, an IT director and long time sailing participant, mentioned just the other day that the site was really impressive. We have a lot of technical components on this site and Ethan was efficient, responsive, and offered good advice and suggestions. Services are priced very reasonably. We continue to work with MSD and they have been great in assisting with our continuous updates, etc.

Randee Fowler, Director
SafePassageSailing, LLC

Law Firm Web Development Feedback

We are a new law firm located in Baltimore.  When my partner told me she had found someone to handle our web design, I assumed they were local.  It wasn't until I had participated in several telephone calls with Ethan that I realized he was in Oakland.  

It made no difference.  

Ethan was very patient as he explained the "science" of web design to us, endured my jokes and and allowed me to get off track with lectures about how he should have proper estate planning, indulged us when my partner and I decided to play amateur web designers ourselves instead of lawyers.  He listened to us describe the nature of our practice and the type of message we wanted to send out to the world, and he crafted a beautiful web site, one that thrills us as much as our clients (a tricky tightrope walk, believe me).  He taught us how to maintain the site and how to increase its effectiveness on the web.  He got us up and running and continues to be there to support us as we tweak and grow the site.

And he did all this at a very reasonable price--a Baltimore reasonable price, not a NYC or LA reasonable price (which should be particularly attractive to those of you who reside in NYC or LA or some other high cost location for a Baltimore reasonable price is an extremely reasonable one indeed).

We are very happy.

Web Development Feedback from Book Editor Roberta Alexander

I knew what I wanted my site to look like, and Ethan was able to translate that into a good-looking design. His prices were reasonable, and he got things done when he said he would. He also taught me how to maintain the site, and has remained available since to answer my questions. I recommend him wholeheartedly.